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Thu, 8-Mar-90 22:17:10 PST

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From: ames!claris!portal!!pgl@GARP.MIT.EDU
Date: Thu, 8-Mar-90 22:17:10 PST
Keywords: prolog

> Does anybody know if either of the Warren papers recently discussed
> (SRI TR 309, and Edinburgh Research Reports 39 and 40), have been
> reprinted, or if either are still available from the original sources, and
> if so to whom should inquiries be sent?

I have only well-worn photocopies. Why don't you ask on comp.lang.prolog?
You should also look for "A Tutorial on the Warren Abstract Machine for
Computational Logic" by Gabriel, Lindholm, Lusk and Overbeek, Argonne
National Laboratory Report ANL-84-84. [I've heard that only a limited
number were printed, but who knows?]

I doubt that DAI 39/40 is of much use now beyond historical references.

A printed reference is: "Optimizing Tail Recursion" by DHD Warren in "Logic
Programming and its Applications" (van Cameghan and Warren editors),
Ablex Publishing, 1986.

A very condensed version of SRI 309 was published in the 1986 or 1987
Logic Programming conference by Tick & Warren, entitled something like
"Torwards a Pipelined Prolog Engine" (sorry, I don't have the reference

- peter ludemann,

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