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Edward Vielmetti <>
Mon, 05 Mar 90 23:01:37 EST

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Date: Mon, 05 Mar 90 23:01:37 EST
From: Edward Vielmetti <>
Keywords: pascal,C

Here's a review of p2c, a Pascal to C translator, via comp.text.tex.

Edward Vielmetti, U of Michigan math dept.

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          There is, in my opinion, an even better Pascal to C/C++ translator
available. At the end of this message, I've included a copy of a
posting from comp.archives that describes where/how to get it.

          Note that I'm just a happy user; I have NO connection with the
author of this program other than as a user.

          Not only does this translator produce human-readable code, it will
use *different* C code constructs depending on how many times an array
is referenced within a loop and on whether or not the procedure being
translated is a nested procedure. It is a very intelligent translator,
and actually spends quite a bit of time trying to reformat the
translated C code to a user-definable indentation specification; it can
actually make unreadable (i.e., poorly-formatted) Pascal code appear


1. It can handle more than one dialect of "Pascal" (note that Modula-2 is
      in this list):

                HP (default; Pascal Workstation version)
                MODCAL (HP's advanced Pascal)
                HP-UX (almost same as HP)
                TURBO (vers 5.0 for IBM PC)
                OREGON (Oregon Software Pascal-2 V2.1)
                VAX (VAX/VMS Pascal)
                MODULA (Modula-2)
                UCSD (almost same as TURBO)
                MPW (MPW Pascal 2.0 for the Mac)

2. It can translate to C (K&R or ANSI) or C++ code.

3. Target machines can be: HPUX-300, SUN-68K, BSD-VAX, BSD, or SYSV

          -- Darryl Okahata
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From: (Dr Richard J. Reid)
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 1990 02:26:57 GMT
Subject: [comp.lang.c] Summary: Pascal_to_C Translator
Newsgroups: comp.archives

Archive-name: p2c/how-to-get
Original-posting-by: (Dr Richard J. Reid)
Original-subject: Summary: Pascal_to_C Translator
Archive-site: []
Reposted-by: (Edward Vielmetti)

Thanks to those who have responded. The translator is
available from the ftp source:
as p2c.

It was written by Dave Gillespie and has provisions
for recognizing several dialects of Pascal. The translator
also accepts a Modula-2 flag for that source.

There was one inquiry about the AT&T FORTRAN_2_C but
I can't find my references about that. I know I
saw it posted here somewhere within the last few weeks.
Any help?


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