Re: References for "atypical" compilers. (David H. West)
3 Mar 90 00:54:58 GMT

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From: (David H. West)
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Date: 3 Mar 90 00:54:58 GMT
References: <>
From: (David H. West)
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In article <> writes:
|The classic reference for Prolog compiling is:
|%A D.H.D. Warren
|%T An abstract Prolog instruction set
|%R Technical Report 309
|%R Artificial Intelligence Center, SRI International
|%D 1983

No, that's a relatively modern reference for Prolog compiling. :-)
The real classic reference (from which the above is a radical
departure) is

Implementing Prolog: Compiling Predicate Logic Programs; vols 1 and 2.
D. H. D. Warren
Edinburgh University Dept. of Artificial Intelligence Research Reports
Nos. 39 and 40, May 1977.

hope this helps,

-David West

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