Toy compilers for classes (Masami Noro)
28 Feb 90 17:15:52 GMT

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Toy compilers for classes (1990-02-28)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 28 Feb 90 17:15:52 GMT
From: (Masami Noro)
Distribution: usa
Organization: cs at UMCP leave from Nanzan Japan
Keywords: code

Hi, I am looking for a toy compiler which is for a class for
compiler theory. The language must be simple enough to be
understood by junior level students who have already taken basic
programming cources. I guess, PL/CS (educational version of
PL/I), subset of C or Pascal which just has integer and character
types, etc.

The compiler must be a multiple-pass one. One of the purpose of
using it is to teach them what is a token file, an intermediate
code, etc. Hence, it should consist of multiple passes. An
optimization pass is not necessarily required, but preferable if
there is. I need one running on UNIX 4.2bsd, Sun-Unix, or Ultrix.
No system-V please unless it is portable to one of those. If it
produces VAX code, it will be the most preferable one, but not

If anyone has any idea on that like "I know the book which has
source code for a such compiler", "Our department uses one of
such compilers for education", etc., Please give me e-mail at the
Any suggestions and notices will be appreciated and very very

ThanX in advance

Masami Noro (

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