References for "atypical" compilers. (Perry Schmidt)
26 Feb 90 06:48:30 GMT

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From: (Perry Schmidt)
Newsgroups: comp.arch,comp.compilers
Date: 26 Feb 90 06:48:30 GMT
References: <> <> <11112@encore.Encore.COM> <10795@snow-white.udel.EDU> <2027@osc.COM> <> <2054@osc.COM> <>
Organization: U of Wisconsin CS Dept

Does anyone have good references to "atypical" compilers. Specifically
Prolog and LISP. (More interested in Prolog, especially code generation

I know this was asked before, but of course at that time I wasn't interested.
(Sorry for the repeat)


[If someone has a bibliography on this topic, I'd love to see it. There are
lots of compilers for Lisp and its ilk, but I haven't seen references to them

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