_Compiler_Design_in_C_: is it a good book?

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25 Jan 90 21:58:14 GMT

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From: uucibg@swbatl.swbt.com (3929)
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Date: 25 Jan 90 21:58:14 GMT
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Does anyone know anything about this book? The blurb from Prentice Hall

by Allen J. Holub
500 pp.
Jan. 1990

"Using a new, easier-to-understand approach with less math, this handy guide
covers all the topics you need for a full grasp of compilers. Author/export
Holub fully develops the functional versions of *lex* and *yacc*, and uses
them to create a complete C compiler that includes parts of C normally left out
of compiler design guidebooks. This version of *yacc* features [sic] error
recovery and parser, which automatically produce a window-oriented debugging
environment where the parse and value stacks are visible. Software and
complete source code are included."

Is the software for IBM-PC compatibles, Macs, Unix, Amiga, VMS? To be honest,
it all sounds just a bit too good to be true.


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