Re: Info about generators of LR(k) parsers (Specifically S/SL)
28 Nov 89 14:32:43 GMT

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Re: Info about generators of LR(k) parsers (Specifically S/SL) (1989-11-28)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Keywords: LR(k) parsing, parser generator, yacc
Date: 28 Nov 89 14:32:43 GMT
References: <727@theseas>
Organization: Digital Equipment Corp.

In article <727@theseas>, illusion@theseas (Charalambos N. ATHANASSIOU) writes:
> Some time ago there was a posting about an LR(k) parser
> generator named S/SL. Does anyone have more information about this or
> a similar thing (especially e-mail addresses).

As far as I know S/SL is stands for SYNTAX and SEMANTICS
Language and was developed as a language for implementing
compilers from Syntax Graphs, ala the PASCAL report.

It was developed (I believe) at CSRG at the University of Toronto
and there are several reports written about it and a Pascal
compiler implemented with it. There was an article published in
one of the ACM publications (I think SIGPLAN) 6 or so years ago


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