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bright@dataio.Data-IO.COM (Walter Bright)
17 Nov 89 21:51:25 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 17 Nov 89 21:51:25 GMT
References: <>
From: bright@dataio.Data-IO.COM (Walter Bright)
Organization: Data I/O Corporation; Redmond, WA

In article <> Preston Briggs <> writes:
>In article <> you write:
>>In particular, do C optimizing compilers take a simple minded
>>view towards gotos or does data flow analysis actually follow goto paths?

Zortech C's optimizer (which I wrote) converts *everything* into goto's, and
then analyzes the flow graph to discover loops and such.

>Do any of the IBM PC-class C compilers do global optimizations?
Zortech does.

>Global constant propagation?
Zortech does.

>Graph coloring register allocation?
Zortech does.

ZTC also does loop induction variables, copy propagation, common
subexpressions, very busy expressions, dead variables, dead code,
loop invariants, etc.
[From bright@dataio.Data-IO.COM (Walter Bright)]

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