Information on MESS requested (Eugen Bacic)
Mon, 13 Nov 89 21:37:12 EST

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Information on MESS requested (1989-11-13)
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Date: Mon, 13 Nov 89 21:37:12 EST
From: (Eugen Bacic)

I'm interested in finding some information on Peter Lee's MESS system.
It was a system written at the University of Michigan in 1987 for his
PhD. Any information will be appreciated. I believe Dr. Lee is now
working at CMU. I'm really interested in obtaining the source to the
compiler generator.

Also, other information on Compiler Generators will be appreciated.

Eugen Bacic
Eugen Bacic | Arpa:
Sr. InfoSec Research Scientist | Voice: (613) 991-7331
Canadian Systems Security Centre | Fax: (613) 991-7500
P.O. Box 9703, Terminal |
Ottawa, CANADA | "The secret of being a bore is to
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