HELP! Need ref's on OO vs. Execution efficiency.

Ron Guilmette <rfg@ics.UCI.EDU>
14 Nov 89 00:37:32 GMT

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HELP! Need ref's on OO vs. Execution efficiency. rfg@ics.UCI.EDU (Ron Guilmette) (1989-11-14)
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From: Ron Guilmette <rfg@ics.UCI.EDU>
Organization: University of California, Irvine - Dept of ICS
Date: 14 Nov 89 00:37:32 GMT

I have commited myself to writing a paper about the effect on
execution efficiency of using Object Oriented Languages (or
perhaps even an OO design approach).

I *must* have references, but there don't seem to be many in the
literature that I have seen so far. I guess that most OO oriented
people just assume that the benefits of OO far outweigh any possible
loss of efficiency (or that there is no significant loss).

(In fact I recall hearing one anecdote about how a C program was
converted to C++ and the speed *increased* !!)

Anyway, I'm in desparate need of a list of relevant references (which
I must have by Wed. night at the latest).

If you can help me, please E-mail your suggestions for references to:

Thanks everybody.

// rfg
[Meyer's book mentions something about the efficiency loss, but not in any
detail. In "classic" C++ I'd expect to find little or no loss since most
classes are bound at compile time. In general, I expect the OOP crowd would
say that measuring the efficiency loss is misleading or meaningless because
you don't generally write the same program that you would have before. -John]

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