Fortran to C translator *NEEDED*
7 Nov 89 11:18:03 GMT

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Fortran to C translator *NEEDED* (1989-11-07)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 7 Nov 89 11:18:03 GMT
Organization: ENSERB, Computer Science University, Bordeaux, FRANCE
Keywords: Fortran, F77, C, Translator

        I'm looking for a fortran (f77) to C translator...
        Could anyone send me the source of such a program ?
        Better: could anyone tell me an anonymous-ftp site where I can find it ?

                It's quite *URGENT* !

                                                Thanks in advance,

[This question has come up fairly often; nobody's ever reported a free
Fortran to C translator. There are some commercial ones, the most well-liked
being ForC from Cobalt Blue in California. -John]

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