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7 Nov 89 04:36:34 GMT

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From: dbm@alice.UUCP (David MacQueen)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 7 Nov 89 04:36:34 GMT
Article-I.D.: alice.10102
Posted: Mon Nov 6 23:36:34 1989
References: <>
From: dbm@alice.UUCP (mh8896)
Organization: AT&T, Bell Labs

Standard ML of New Jersey is a compiler developed by Andrew Appel at
Princeton and myself at Bell Labs, with major contributions by Trevor
Jim and Bruce Duba and participation by others at Edinburgh, Cornell,
and MIT. It will shortly be available under a copyright notice similar
to that used for the X Window System software from MIT.

Beta versions of the compiler are available by anonymous ftp. Contact
me for further information at

Dave MacQueen
[From dbm@alice.UUCP (mh8896)]

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