Compiler optimization and RISC. (Sanjeev Kumar)
3 Nov 89 10:08:06 GMT

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From: (Sanjeev Kumar)
Newsgroups: comp.arch,comp.compilers
Keywords: List of references.
Date: 3 Nov 89 10:08:06 GMT
Organization: Rutgers Univ., New Brunswick, N.J.

I am looking for any pointers to literature on compiler optimization
for RISC processors. More specifically, the effect of RISC technology
on code generation.

I have already looked at tutorial/text-book level literature on RISC,
and pointers to any papers in conf./journals would be welcome.

Sanjeev K.
Sanjeev Kumar. ( )
Phone: Off: (201)932-3766. Home: (201)878-2940.
Dept. of Computer Science, RUTGERS, New Brunswick, NJ08903.
[The IBM 801 project did a great deal of compiler work. See SIGPLAN 17:6
pp. 22-31, 98-105, and 114-118. Also see US Patents 4,571,678, 4,656,582,
4,656,583, 4,642,764, and 4,642,765. The Stanford MIPS project expected
the compiler or assembler to schedule memory accesses; there must be some
papers there that readers can point to. -John]

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