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Wed, 19 Jul 89 09:44 MET

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reverse compilation (1989-07-15)
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Date: Wed, 19 Jul 89 09:44 MET

Does anyone have references to literature about, or better have experience in
"reverse compilation" or "decompilation" ? I've heard that there were attempts
to construct programs in high-level languages from assembler programs, but
I can't find any books or articles about it.

Please send your mail to FELDBUSCH@IRA.UKA.DE. I'll sumarize your mails and
put it into the news.
                                                                            Thanks a lot, Fridtjof Feldbusch
[I've seen Autocoder (an assembler for a 1960 vintage IBM mini) to Cobol
translators, but nothing recently. -John]

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