paper on gcc's Instruction Scheduler

Len Tower <>
Thu, 6 Jul 89 21:33:08 EDT

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paper on gcc's Instruction Scheduler (Len Tower) (1989-07-06)
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From: Len Tower <>
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 89 21:33:08 EDT
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Tieman mentioned this on gnu.gcc lately:

Date: Fri, 16 Jun 89 22:06:54 PDT
From: (Michael Tiemann)
Subject: Instruction Scheduling and Branch Scheduling

I don't know if this is the right place to post technical information
about GNU CC, but here goes...

The following is the title and abstract for a paper I recently handed in
for a compiler class I took at Stanford this quarter:

The GNU Instruction Scheduler

Michael Tiemann

The GNU C compiler is a mostly portable, optimizing
compiler which was written by Richard Stallman and
others to provide the GNU project with a free C
compiler. This report describes the GNU Instruction
Scheduler, a new pass written by the author for the
GNU C compiler. This report begins with a brief
overview describing the architecture of the GNU C
compiler, followed by a description of list-based
instruction scheduling. Design goals of the
scheduler and accomplishments to date are then
presented, followed by a section on work yet to be
done. This report concludes with an evaluation of
the scheduler, its limitations and its strengths.

If anyone has any intererest in reading the paper, you can get get it by
anonymous ftp from, from the file dbr.texinfo.Z. It
is written using texinfo, and a modified texinfo.tex (to make chapter
fonts smaller) is also provided in the file texinfo.tex.Z. I will be
too busy catching up with GNU C++ to "maintain" the paper, but if you do
send me comments, I will file them away for review at a later date.

For people who may find themselves in an advanced compiler course, the
following parameters not mentioned in the paper may be of interest. The
course I took was a 1 quarter (10 week) course titled "Advanced Topics
in Compilers", taught by Monica Lam. Reading material was plentiful
(usually 2-3 recent journal articles per week) and varied (different
topic every week). There was a mid-term paper and a final project. The
time I allotted to the project was just over two weeks, including the
time to write the 20 page final report. The paper I wrote for the
mid-term was unrelated to instruction scheduling or free software.

[From Len Tower <>]

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