Lalr parser generators in Modula-2

Phil Calvin <>
Wed, 5 Jul 89 09:30:56 EDT

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Lalr parser generators in Modula-2 (Phil Calvin) (1989-07-05)
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Date: Wed, 5 Jul 89 09:30:56 EDT
From: Phil Calvin <>
Organization: University of Waterloo

  Awhile back I saw a posting for an LALR parser generator written in
modula-2. The sources were to appear in comp.sources.unix, but I have not
seen them. Did I miss them, and if so, does anyone know where I could
obtain the sources (+ any documentation) now? I believe the article was
posted along with promises of a better(faster) LEX type generator and an LL
parser generator.

  As an alternative, is the source code for YACC gernerally available? (No
flames if this is an inane question) [No, it's AT&T licensed code. The source
for Bison, the GNU equivalent, is available all over the place. -John]

....Phil (

University of Waterloo
Computer Science Class of 1993 (A long time from now...)

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