Translating Pascal to C (XMRJ4-C.MCCABE)
27 May 89 01:08:12 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Keywords: help
Date: 27 May 89 01:08:12 GMT
Distribution: usa
Organization: AT&T, Middletown NJ

Does anybody know where I can locate any good books on
how to create language translation utility programs? In particular,
I'm going to create a Pascal-to-C utility program, and am having
some trouble locating books in this area. Any advice would be
greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

[I've never seen anything in depth on this sort of thing. My experience is
that source-to-source translators are if anything more difficult than regular
compilers, both because there are things that are easy to say in Pascal that
are hard to say in C, e.g. nested scopes, and because in a translator you want
the output to be readable by humans as well as by computers. -John]

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