Re: Encrypted source as an ANDF (Amos Shapir)
20 May 89 13:51:48 GMT

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From: (Amos Shapir)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 20 May 89 13:51:48 GMT
References: <>
Organization: National Semiconductor (IC) Ltd, Israel Home of the 32532
Hdate: 15 Iyar 5749

In article <> you write:
>A more extreme form of the shrouded source code idea (which I have not
>seen in practice) would be to write the software in a relatively high
>level language (Ada, Lisp, and Algol come to mind) and have it be
>translated into C. Only the original developer would have the
>efficiency of working in the higher level language, even if the C were

I have heard an urban legend that before the days of ADA, any project
for the DoD should have been provided with source code in either FORTRAN
or assembler; contractors used to program in PASCAL or another HLL,
use the compiler to generated assembly code, and deliver that to the DoD.
Amos Shapir
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