The Synthesizer Generator

Thu, 11 May 89 17:02:33 EDT

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The Synthesizer Generator ceg@edsdrd.uucp (1989-05-11)
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Date: Thu, 11 May 89 17:02:33 EDT
From: ceg@edsdrd.uucp

Has anyone heard anything about a system called The Synthesizer Generator?
I got some information from Springer-Verlag about a book on the subject,
but I would appreciate more information.

From what I know it is supposed to be a tool to create language specific
editors. The authors of the Springer-Verlag book are Reps & Teitelbaum.

Thank you very much for your help,

Carlos E. Galarce USENET: ...!uunet!edsews!edsdrd!ceg
Electronic Data Systems R & D USNAIL: 3551 Hamlin Rd, 4th Floor,
(313)-370-1555 Auburn Hills, MI 48057

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