Searching for ALGOL to C translation tool

Gordon Jenkins <>
11 May 89 04:09:02 GMT

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Searching for ALGOL to C translation tool (Gordon Jenkins) (1989-05-11)
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From: Gordon Jenkins <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.c,comp.sources.wanted
Keywords: ALGOL, C, translation
Date: 11 May 89 04:09:02 GMT
Organization: Georgia Institute of Technology

I'm looking for any information available on sources for tools to
aid in the conversion of ALGOL sources to C (or heaven forbid, COBOL).

PD sources not required but would be helpful.
C. Gordon Jenkins
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia, 30332-0275
uucp: ...!{allegra,amd,hplabs,seismo,ut-ngp}!gatech!pyr!gordon
ARPA: Phone: 404-399-2449
[Never heard of such a thing, but Algol's runtime array sizing, nested
scopes, and of course call by name would make this quite a challenge. -John]

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