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Thu, 4 May 89 07:35:20 CDT

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Date: Thu, 4 May 89 07:35:20 CDT
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
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I recall that someone recently asked for Yacc/Bison and Lex/Flex grammars for
various languages. I would appreciate it if that person would forward to me
what they received. I would also be happy to get stuff from any other source
that I can reach (no ftp so I guess anonymous uucp is the limit). I seem to
recall mention of a proto-grammar for the proposed ANSi C which I would be very
interested to see.

For those curious, I want to do a survey of approaches taken to solving the
parser problem using Yacc(-like) syntax. The source I receive doesn't have to
be PD (which means I'll dig into GNU), it just has to be something I'm allowed
to look at. I would prefer grammars for languages such as C, Pascal, Modula-2,
& Lisp. Why? I don't have much compiler expertise and want to know the
language of the grammar which I'm puzzling over.

Yes, I realize that I may not get much response to this. I also realize that
there's a book out on writing a compiler using yacc and lex, but I would like
some real world examples if possible. Yes, I realize that >70 (80?)% of the
work is *not* done in the grammar; but I hope to still get some usefull info
from this.

If this all seems terribly naive or something, don't blame me, I'm terribly
naive :-).

Thanks much in advance,

Brian R. Gilstrap Southwestern Bell Telephone
One Bell Center Rm 17-G-4 ...!ames!killer!texbell!sw1e!uucibg
St. Louis, MO 63101 ...!bellcore!texbell!sw1e!uucibg
(314) 235-3929 ...!uunet!swbatl!sw1e!uucibg
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