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Julie Ann Barnes <>
Wed, 12 Apr 89 14:10:55 EDT

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scanner generators (Julie Ann Barnes) (1989-04-12)
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Date: Wed, 12 Apr 89 14:10:55 EDT
From: Julie Ann Barnes <>

There was a discussion in comp.compilers concerning alternatives to Lex in
February. I am currently investigating lexical analyzer generators
and have tracked down many of the articles cited in the discussion.
Thank you, one and all.

I now would like to learn of any other scanner generators. I am not
as concerned with performance issues as the previous discussion was.
Also, I could use some pointers to information about LexAGen and Rex.
They were mentioned in the discussion, but I do not recall seeing
references on them.

Thank you,

Julie A. Barnes Department of Computer and Information Science The Ohio State University
2036 Neil Ave.
Columbus, OH USA 43210-1277

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