Representation independent languages (Goran Rydquist)
2 Apr 89 12:57:28 GMT

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Representation independent languages (1989-04-02)
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From: (Goran Rydquist)
Date: 2 Apr 89 12:57:28 GMT
Organization: CIS Dept, Univ of Linkoping, Sweden

Hi there, I am currently looking at the very interesting but curiously
anonymous area of languages that support representation independent data
structure facilities. The characteristic feature of such languages is that
they support algorithm specification that is independent of data structure
realization details.

The references I have found is listed below. A search through the Science
Citation Index on most of the referenced names resulted in NIL. Does anyone
know of any other work done in the area. Of particular interest is material
newer than the SETL paper (1981).

I will post a sumary of the answers I get.
Goran Rydqvist
Departement of Computer and Information Science, Linkoping University
S-581 83 Linkoping, Sweden

E. Schonberg, J. T. Schwartz, and M. Sharir, "An automatic technique for
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accessing data base systems", IBM Systems Journal, Vol. 12, pp. 30-93, 1973.

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