Info wanted on portable C compilers (Dan Frommer)
21 Oct 88 13:12

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Info wanted on portable C compilers (1988-10-15)
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From: (Dan Frommer)
Date: 21 Oct 88 13:12

[I am resending this message, since many people reported that it was
truncated at the front. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that the
line eater is still around. -John]
We are looking for a portable C Compiler to be targeted to a 16-bit
machine. The compiler will be hosted under VAX/VMS.

We have considered using PCC or GCC (the GNU C compiler). How do the
two compare in terms of porting efforts, reliability and quality of code
generated? Are there any other alternatives?

Please email responses or any comment that you might have to:

Thanks in advance,

Dan Frommer
Digital Equipment Corporation, P.O. Box 10109, 93 469 Jerusalem, Israel
[My original comment was that GCC was likely to be hard to retarget to
16-bit machines, given the gnu-oids disdain for anything less than 32, but
that PCC was originally written for 16-bit and should still work there. -John]

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