1988 University of Washington Codegen Release

codegen@skagit.cs.washington.edu (The UW Codegen System)
Tue, 26 Jul 88 14:23:11 PDT

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1988 University of Washington Codegen Release codegen@skagit.cs.washington.edu (1988-07-26)
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Date: Tue, 26 Jul 88 14:23:11 PDT
From: codegen@skagit.cs.washington.edu (The UW Codegen System)

The 1988 Release
of the
University of Washington

Code Generation System

We are pleased to announce the 1988 distribution of the University of
Washington Code Generation System, called UWCODEGEN.

UWCODEGEN is a research prototype of a retargetable code generator.
UWCODEGEN includes several different algorithms for instruction
selection. The choice of algorithms is determined manually when the
code generator is constructed; the choice is made to optimize code
generator construction time, code generator execution time, or
execution time of the generated code.

The code generator is constructed from a tree transformation stage, a
tree pattern matcher that is responsible for instruction selection, and
an instruction emission stage. There are two implementations of the
tree transformation stage. There are six implementations of the
instruction selector, including algorithms based on LR parsing (the
Graham-Glanville algorithms), maximal munch, top down tree attribution,
and a bottom up attribution. Table constructors are supplied for all
of the phases in the code genera- tor. One instance of the code
generator can produce provably optimal local code for expression trees
15% faster than the Portable C Compiler. The distribution includes
sample machine specifications for the VAX, the Motorola 68000, and a
RISC processor. Front ends that are based on the Portable C Compiler
are also supplied.

UWCODEGEN is available under license to sites that hold a source code
license for 4.1, 4.2 or 4.3 BSD UNIX, or equivalent. The distribution
is provided without support or warranty of any kind. UWCODEGEN is
built from approximately 100K lines of source code in 400 source files,
and runs on Suns, Vaxes, or IBM PC/RTs. There will be a distribution
fee of $200 per copy to cover printing, tape handling, postage and

Support for UWCODEGEN was made possible through NSF Grant MCS78-07291
and NSF Grant MCS80-05144, DARPA-N-00039C-0235 at the University of
California, Berkeley. UWCODEGEN was developed using support from the
University of Washington Graduate School Research Fund, and from NSF
Grant DCR-8501818.

For additional information on the distribution, use paper mail to
The Codegen Distribution
c/o Robert R. Henry
Computer Science Department, FR-35
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195 USA

or use electronic mail to:


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