Commercial Compilers Using Attribute Grammar Technology (SPENCER RUGABER)
22 Jul 88 17:22:24 GMT

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Commercial Compilers Using Attribute Grammar Technology (1988-07-22)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 22 Jul 88 17:22:24 GMT
Organization: Georgia Institute of Technology
Bogus: I recently posted a query to comp.compilers asking for information on
Bogus: commercial compilers that make use of attribute grammars. This message
Bogus: summarizes the responses that I received. Thanks to the following
Bogus: contributors (listed in the order in which I received their replies).

        Arun Arya:
        Steve Dever:
        Simon Kaplan:
        Steve Vegdahl: stevev@tekchips.crl
        William B. Tyler: hplabs!hpda!procase!tyler
        Jeffrey C. Fried: ut-sally!ames!cullsj!jeff
        Hans Boehm:

Commercial Compilers that Use Attribute Grammars

    + Intel's Pascal compiler
    + The GAG system from GMD in Karlsruhe, W. Germany.
    + Several responses mentioned Rodney Farrow's Linguist system. The
        concensus was that this was a tool for building compilers rather
        than a compiler itself.
    + Speculation was that compilers from Tartan Labs and MetaWare use
        attribute grammar technology.

University Systems (I didn't ask for this but several of the responses
    included mention of these which I pass along.)

    + The Cornell Program Synthesizer
    + The University of Lowell L-attributed translator
    + Aparse from the U. of Wisconsin

A public domain attribute pre-processor called PREP which acts as a front
end to YACC was also mentioned.

Georgia Insitute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia, 30332

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