Instruction Execution Timings for MicroVAX II needed.

soi! (Alex Zatsman)
11 Jul 88 14:14:06 GMT

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Instruction Execution Timings for MicroVAX II needed. soi! (1988-07-11)
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From: soi! (Alex Zatsman)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.sys.dec,comp.arch
Keywords: execution timing vax microvax instruction
Date: 11 Jul 88 14:14:06 GMT
Organization: Software Options Inc., Cambridge, Mass.

I need instruction execution timing for MicroVAX II . I have
failed to get any from DEC. It seems that most manufactures
(Motorola being a nice exception) don't publish data of this

I need something like the tables in M68000 and M68020 user's
manual (Appendix D and Section 9 respectively), which contain
number of cycles each instruction takes to execute and similar
timing for memory access for various Addressing Modes. My hope is
that somebody out there might have succeeded in getting it from
DEC, or, maybe, ran some benchmarks to determine the timings. I
would appreciate any help I could get.

I suspect that there aren't many people interested in this
things, so it would be better to e-mail the information to me in-
stead of posting it on the net.

Thank you.
Alex Zatsman, Software Options, Cambridge, MA 02138
[Good luck -- DEC has been reluctant to publsh such numbers. -John]
[From soi! (Alex Zatsman)]

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