Recursive-descent parser generator wanted

"AG Hartenstein-UNI KL-FRG" <abakus%uklirb@unido.uucp>
Thu, 11 Feb 88 18:49:18 MET

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Date: Thu, 11 Feb 88 18:49:18 MET
From: "AG Hartenstein-UNI KL-FRG" <abakus%uklirb@unido.uucp>

I am looking for a parser-generator, which generates recursive-descent parsers
in PASCAL. Some time ago I saw a note about such a program named LILA, which
has been implemented at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuwen.

If anybody knows which person I have to contact to get this program, I would
be very thankful, if he would mail me the adress.

If you know about other parser-generators, which work in the same way, I
would be interested in information about these systems, too.

Many thanks in advance,

      Michael Ryba

Dipl.-Inform. Michael Ryba phone: +49 631 205-2892
Kaiserslautern University e-mail: abakus%uklirb@unido.uucp
Dept. of Computer Science
P.O. Box 3049
D-6750 Kaserslautern, F.R.G.
[At the risk of much flamage, I'd be interested in comments about why one
might prefer an R.D. parser generator to an LR one. We've beaten error
recovery to death, unless someone has something genuinely new. -John]

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