AMD29000 Compilers emulators and debuggers.

dngrt@dcatla.UUCP (Gordon R. Thompson)
3 Feb 88 14:35:00 GMT

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AMD29000 Compilers emulators and debuggers. dngrt@dcatla.UUCP (1988-02-03)
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From: dngrt@dcatla.UUCP (Gordon R. Thompson)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
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Date: 3 Feb 88 14:35:00 GMT
Organization: DCA, Inc., Alpharetta, GA

We at DCA are currently investigating the AMD29000 and would like to know of
any companies that produce 'C' langauge cross-compilers that execute on SUNS
or VAXEN. A complete development system with remote debuggers etc. would be
ideal; however, given the newness of this product one is not expected.

Any information regarding a product's compile speed and code
efficiency would be most welcome. If you have experience with a vendor
of AMD29000 cross-development tools, please feel free to vent either praise or
anger for the support provided by that vendor.

Thanks in advance Gordon.

Gordon Thompson: Thank you for your support. | EMAIL: gatech!dcatla!sunc!dngrt
D. Digital #include "std_disclaim.h" | Phone: 404-442-4827
C. Communications | Addr: c/o DCA, 1000 Alderman
A. Associates | Drive, Alpharetta, Ga. 30201
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