PL360 to C translation?

Michael Durket <>
Thu, 21 Jan 88 17:03:13 PST

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PL360 to C translation? (Michael Durket) (1988-01-21)
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Date: Thu, 21 Jan 88 17:03:13 PST
From: Michael Durket <>

      I'm in a situation where I need to convert LARGE amounts of
PL360 code (remember that?) to C. Obviously there are no
translators for this specific job on the market. However, is
anyone aware of any references to articles dealing with converting
an assembler language (structured or otherwise) to a high-level
language? Has anybody in this group done it?


Plausible return paths are:

[The last assembler to HLL translator I saw was Autocoder to Cobol. Anybody
seen anything better? -John]

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