The Case of the Vanishing From Line [administrivia] (Buster the Talking Squid)
Wed, 13 Jan 88 14:11:52 EST

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The Case of the Vanishing From Line [administrivia] (1988-01-13)
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Date: Wed, 13 Jan 88 14:11:52 EST
From: (Buster the Talking Squid)

I have been getting many reports that comp.compilers articles arrive at
readers' sites without a From: line or even worse with an incorrect From:
line. Every article that I send out includes From: and Reply-To: headers
that point to the original submitter, so malevolent news systems out there
must be removing the headers.

This article went out with a distinctive From: line. If your copy has no
such line or else one that points to me (ima!johnl), please drop me a note
including the path along which the article arrived, the local news version,
and any other clues that might be helpful. Note that the Sender: and Path:
lines should point to me, it's the From: line that I'm worried about.

Yours for perfect communication,

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