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4 Sep 87 11:12:21 GMT

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Date: 4 Sep 87 11:12:21 GMT
References: <659@ima.ISC.COM>
From: ...mcvax!ukc!warwick!julia
Organization: Computer Science, Warwick University, Coventry, UK
Keywords: parsers, error handling
Summary: version of yacc available

The version of yacc with improved error handling that juha mentioned
is still available, to anyone with a UNIX (System V and bsd 4.1 or more)
source license.
A student here at Warwick, Nick Holloway, and I have been working
on a scheme to produce error messages using the compiler source input
rather than grammar names, automatically: i.e. if you use LEX and
YACC (new versions) to build your translator you automatically get
it to produce error messages like this:
ex.c, line 15: syntax error
while ((ch = getchar()) != EOF {
) inserted.
We've used it to build the portable C compiler and awk. I'm writing it up
now but if anyone wants to try out these new tools meanwhile, get in touch
with me.
Julia Dain Tel: 0203-523363
Dept of Computer Science uucp: ...mcvax!ukc!warwick!julia
University of Warwick janet:
Coventry CV4 7AL UK

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