error recovery in yacc

Gopal Gupta <>
Tue, 18 Aug 87 11:43:54 edt

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Date: Tue, 18 Aug 87 11:43:54 edt
From: Gopal Gupta <>

About 1-2 years ago someone at UNC-Chapel Hill did a study
of error recovery mechanism in YACC. The paper is titled
"Error Recovery in LR Parsing: A Case Study Using YACC"
and is available as 'SoftLab Document No. 21' from UNC
Chapel hill, Dept. of Computer Science. Requests for the
report should be directed to :

Softlab Group,
Dept. of Computer Science,
Sitterson Hall,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,

or electronically to
Phone: (919) 962-1827 Gopal Gupta
              (919) 962-1935 UNC-CH Computer Science., ...!decvax!mcnc!unc!gupta

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