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Subject: Re: fortran preprocessor for in-line code substitution
From: your moderator <>

[I've edited down and combined some related short messages. -John]

Date: Mon, 4 May 87 13:15:46 CDT
From: "Mark E. Lawrence" <harvard!apctrc!zmel0a>
Organization: Amoco Production Co, Tulsa Research Center

Pacific-Sierra Research markets a tool called FORGE which does some of the
things you ask. It is meant to optimize fortran code for vector-processing
computers which involves pulling source code for called routines into the
caller and other tricks.
They are in Placerville, CA (area code 916). Don't have the phone number
handy, but I'm sure AT&T would be happy to provide it to ya.
voice: (918) 660-4047 Mark Logicon, Inc.
uucp: ...rutgers!okstate!apctrc!zmel0a P.O.B 3385
ditto: zmel0a@.apctrc.UUCP Tulsa, OK 74102

Date: Sun, 3 May 87 08:13:27 EDT
From: Jim Barby <harvard!seismo!watmath!watvlsi!jabarby>

Have you thought of using the m4 macro processor that comes with unix.
To me it seems a trivial task using m4.
[M4 is a good thought, but the antique lexical conventions of Fortran make
it a little more tricky to expand large macros than you might think,
particularly when an expanded argument makes a line more than 72 characters
long. -John]

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