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Sat, 2 May 87 07:30:31 edt

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From: harvard!rutgers!andromeda!argus!ken
Date: Sat, 2 May 87 07:30:31 edt

Does anyone know any leads to compiler work where the target language
is context sensitive? I'm interested in designing a compiler for a
language known as REXX, which is currently interpreted. Most of the
development tools and books I've seen so far tend to emphasize
context free languages. And here is the kicker: are there any
tools which work just as well in an IBM (EBCDIC) as well as the
ASCII environments? Please respond to by BITNET address if

Kenneth Ng: Post office: NJIT - CCCC, Newark New Jersey 07102
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[I wouldn't have thought that REXX was context sensitive. Can you send along
some examples of stuff that you can't parse with the usual context-free
techniques? Remember, just because something is ambiguous doesn't mean that
you can't fake it with yacc. As far as EBCDIC goes, yacc will try to parse
the tokens you give it without regard to religion, national origin, or
character set. Your lexer has to speak EBCDIC, but the parser needn't care.]

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