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Paul Tarvydas <!tarvydas@csri>
Thu, 11 Dec 86 11:48:33 est

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re:re: parsing C!tarvydas@csri (Paul Tarvydas) (1986-12-11)
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Newsgroups: mod.compilers
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 86 11:48:33 est
From: Paul Tarvydas <!tarvydas@csri>

Silly me. Like yourself, I've never seen a practical parser which is
a time bottle-neck. I *meant* to say that I was worried about space-
efficiency. I had thought that building a parser by hand would result
in a smaller compiler - the trade-off being the time taken to build and
debug such a beast. Now I'm not so sure, since by the time I
annotate the recursive-descent code with enough flags to be able to make
interesting semantic distinctions of the parse, I might end up with about
the same amount of code. Any comments on that front?

thank you,
Paul Tarvydas

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