Generator of Lexical Analyzers now available

johnl@ima.UUCP (Compilers mailing list)
7 May 86 02:40:21 GMT

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Generator of Lexical Analyzers now available johnl@ima.UUCP (1986-05-07)
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From: johnl@ima.UUCP (Compilers mailing list)
Newsgroups: mod.compilers
Date: 7 May 86 02:40:21 GMT
Really-from: Bob Gray <cca!bob%boulder.csnet@CSNET-RELAY.ARPA>

As mentioned about a month ago, our group working on compiler tools
built a generator for lexical analyzers (GLA). GLA produces C code
which scans tokens about 5 times faster than LEX. The concepts are
explained in W. Waite's article "The Cost of Lexical Analysis",
Software Practice & Experience #16 (1986). The tool works smoothly
with YACC. We believe GLA's specification of basic symbols is much
clearer than an equivalent specification for LEX. Furthermore, we
provide modules for handling identifiers, keywords, numeric denotations,
strings and error handling. The software is available for a nominal fee.

For more details send your Snail Mail address to maejean and request
tech report (SEG 86-1-1), "GLA - A Generator for Lexical Analyzers".

{seismo!hao, decvax!sunybcs, ucbvax!nbires}!boulder!maejean
Mae Jean Ruehlman; Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering;
University or Colorado; Boulder, CO 80309-0425.

-bob gray
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