Denotational semantics

16 Jan 86 16:20:00 GMT

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From: compilers@ima.UUCP
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Date: 16 Jan 86 16:20:00 GMT
Article-I.D.: ima.136300060
Posted: Thu Jan 16 11:20:00 1986

[from harvard!seismo!mcvax!euroies.UUCP!rshepherd]

Ideally the denotational semantics of a languages supplies its underpinning,
for practical purposes there are better techniques around for dealing with
language semantics. For example with OCCAM we have an underpinning based
on both denotational semantics (for the sequential part of the language)
and on a CSP-like failure set model (for the concurrent part). For practical
purposes it is best to use an algebraic semantics; for example, in
occam there is an equivalence between message passing
and assignment,

CHAN c : is equivalant to
    c ! e
      c ? v v := e

this algebraic law is underpinned (mathematically).
Roger Shepherd INMOS (...!euroies!rshepherd)

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