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15 Jan 86 02:58:00 GMT

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From: compilers@ima.UUCP
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Date: 15 Jan 86 02:58:00 GMT
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Posted: Tue Jan 14 21:58:00 1986

[from harvard!seismo!utah-cs!utah-gr!peter (Peter S. Ford)]

Organization: University of Utah CS Dept
If you are interested in using a denotational specification to build a compiler
you might be interested in Lawrence Paulson's Stanford PhD. thesis on
"semantic grammars" which are an agglomeration of attribute grammars and
denotational semantics. At one point he was distributing his work (several
large pascal programs). See Stanford CS report 82-893 for his thesis and look
in the 1982 POPL for a short paper.

Moses SIS system is documented in a report from Aarhus University, published
as a refernce guide in 1979. I believe the report is numbered as DAIMI MD-30.

Peter S. Ford (peter@utah-cs)

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