Attribute grammars, Glanville CG

13 Jan 86 20:27:00 GMT

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Attribute grammars, Glanville CG compilers@ima.UUCP (1986-01-13)
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From: compilers@ima.UUCP
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Date: 13 Jan 86 20:27:00 GMT
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Posted: Mon Jan 13 15:27:00 1986

[from ihnp4!verdix!sbq (Sam Quiring)]

Intel's Pascal compiler for the 8086 uses attributed grammars. I believe
that Rod Farrow published a paper in the Compiler Construction Conference
(every other summer) a few years ago. Sorry I can't be more specific,
but I don't have the proceedings handy. The title started out with
"Yet Another ..." as I recall.
[It's "LINGUIST-86: Yet Another Translator Writing System Based on
Attribute Grammars" in the 1982 proceedings, page 160. -John]

This same compiler used a variation of Glanville's code generation
techniques and this was documented in a paper by John Crawford but
I don't recall where that paper was published. The theme of this
paper was along the lines of "practical" or "real world" considerations
when using a Graham-Glanville style code generator."

Sam Quiring

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