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11 Jan 86 02:47:00 GMT

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From: compilers@ima.UUCP
Newsgroups: mod.compilers
Date: 11 Jan 86 02:47:00 GMT
Article-I.D.: ima.136300048
Posted: Fri Jan 10 21:47:00 1986

[from Urs Meyer <harvard!seismo!mcnc!unc!meyer>]

Organization: CS Dept., U. of N. Carolina, Chapel Hill

Its amazing to hear something about pl/0 in the U.S. Niklaus Wirth wrote
a book "Compilerbau" in German (=compiler construction) for teaching
a course on compiler construction at ETH Zuerich, Switzerland. I feel
the book you mentioned is some English translation of his book and it
covers a stepwise development of pl/0 compiler, a tiny small subset of
Pascal. I have no knowledge of an existing English translation but
the German edition is from Teubner Stuttgart, Germany, 1977.
        By the way, Wirth wrote a new and revised edition using Modula-2 for
implementing the pl/0-compiler.

        Are you experimenting with pl/0 or do you know if this book is used
as a textbook somewhere? I would be glad to hear something.

Urs Meyer
(previously student at ETH Zuerich)

[I have seen discussions of PL/0 in English myself, but cannot remember
where. -John]

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