Compiler error-recovery bibliography

7 Jan 86 16:24:00 GMT

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Compiler error-recovery bibliography compilers@ima.UUCP (1986-01-07)
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Anyone interested in error recovery in compilers ? I compiled an
annotated bibliography which is available as an internal report (no. 118/84)
of our Computer Science Department. Send requests to me. Unfortunately
it is not available on-line.

USENET/UUCP: ...{seismo,decvax,philabs,...}!mcvax!unido!uklirb!incas!mattern
CSNET: mattern%uklirb.UUCP@Germany.CSNET
                  Friedemann Mattern
                  University of Kaiserslautern
                  PO Box 3049
                  D 6750 Kaiserslautern

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