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[from ihnp4!decvax!cwruecmp!bammi (Jwahar R. Bammi)]

I saw people discussing Public Domain compiler tools (wart etc) on
this group. I don't know if it is widely known that a Public domain
Yacc, called Bison is available from the GNU project (free software
foundation). It has two types of parser skeletons, controlled
by the presence of the directive '%semantic_parser'. The default, when
the directive is absent, is a Yacc compatible parser. There is one bug
that I have found. You cannot use the declaration
%token <type> TERMINAL
where type is the name of a member of the union type that the
lex. analyser returns. However
%type <type> non-terminal
works fine.
Another problem is the lack of documentation, but I guess there will
be some shortly. The version I am using is a few months old. Anyone
know if there has been a newer release?

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