Ganapathi's code generation

7 Jan 86 02:51:00 GMT

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[from wendyt at ALLEGRA/PYRAMID/ISIENG (Wendy Thrash)]

I worked with Ganapathi's attribute-grammar stuff about three years ago at
Zilog, before running off to seek (fame and) fortune at a startup. I believe
we got a tape from U. Wisconsin, though we also hired Gana there, so maybe he
brought it with him. Someone else eventually finished the code generator, and
I'm told it went fairly easily, runs fast, and generates good code.

I was never really trained in compiler theory, so to me attribute grammars
were no more or less difficult than anything else -- nothing anyone with an
IQ of 180 or so and one or two Ph.D.s couldn't fathom. :-)

I'd also like to know what people in the know think about denotational
semantics. Deciphering it seems to be about as simple as reading a German
translation of _Finnegan's Wake_; is it worth the trouble?

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