Compilers digest Vol. 1 Number 1

3 Jan 86 19:39:00 GMT

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Compilers digest Vol. 1 Number 1 compilers@ima.UUCP (1986-01-03)
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Date: 3 Jan 86 19:39:00 GMT
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Posted: Fri Jan 3 14:39:00 1986
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[from compilers-request at IMA]

To: compilers
Welcome at last to the compilers mailing list. The list distribution
scheme is finally put together, and we expect to be sending out digest
issues every few days as submission volume requires.

There are 83 people on the list, but precious little material has showed
up yet. I presume that is because you're all waiting to see that the list
is set up.

There are now two new mail addresses at ima for the list. Send mail to
ima!compilers for distribution. Send mail to ima!compilers-request to be
put on or off the list, ask for back issues, and related problems. When
asking to be put on the list, please send a uucp path relative to a well-
known host such as ihnp4 or mcvax.

The one piece of mail that has arrived asks about public domain C compilers.
Does anybody know of any?

Also, here's a question from your mailman: Has any work been done on
languages or compilers that work well on segmented architectures such as
the Intel 386 or the Honeywell 6180 (the Multics machine?) Everything I've
seen either gunks up a conventional langage, viz. the Microsoft C compiler
which adds "char * far bar;" to mean that bar is a pointer that contains
a segment as well as an offset, or else added zillions of special functions
as in Multics PL/I. Organizing your data into lots of potentially large
segments seems like a great way to set up your program; where are the
languages that let you do it? -John

Send submissions to: ima!compilers
Send requests for additions, deletions, back issues, etc. to:

ima is reachable as { ucbvax!cbosgd | ihnp4 | cca | bbncca | think |
uiucdcs | allegra | inmet | yale | harvard }!ima!...

Arpa mail may make it to ima!compilers@CCA-UNIX or ima!compilers@BBNCCA

Peter Barada (editor) John Levine (mailman)

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