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[from darryl at ISM780C (Darryl Richman)]

Here's just a short note to list the papers I've found describing code
generation via parsing techniques. These techniques have the advantages of
being relatively self documenting, usually are linear time schemes, and help
in building easily retargeted code generators. The basis of most of these
papers is a work by Steven Glanville and Susan Graham, in which they describe
a code generator built from a LALR(1) parser. Their technique
has come to be known as Graham-Glanville code generation:

        "A New Method For Compiler Code Generation", R. Steven Glanville and
        Susan L. Graham, Fifth ACM Symposium on Principles of Programming
        Languages, 1978.

Graham has gone on to other collaborations using this technique:

        "An Experiment in Table Driven Code Generation", Susan L. Graham, Robert
        R. Henry and Robert A. Schulman, ACM SIGPLAN Notices, June 1982.

        "Experience with a Graham-Glanville Style Code Generator", Philippe
        Aigrain, Susan L. Graham, Robert R. Henry, Marshall Kirk McKusick and
        Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart, ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Compiler Construction,
        June 1984.

Related to the Graham-Glanville technique are three other papers:

        "Usign Dynamic Programming To Generate Optimized Code In A Graham-
        Glanville Style Code Generator", Thomas W. Christopher, Philip J. Hatcher
        and Ronald C. Kukuk, ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on COmpiler Construction,
        June 1984.
(Note that they use a parsing technique called Early's Algorithm, which I am
not familiar with but am told is order(N^3)!).

        "Description-Driven Code Generation Using Attribute Grammars", Mahadevan
        Ganapathi and Charles N. Fischer, ACM SIGPLAN Notices, June 1982.

        "Affix Grammar Driven Code Generation", Mahadevan Ganapathi and Charles
        N. Fischer, ACM Transactions On Programming Languages And Systems, October
(I haven't read this one yet, but it seems closely related to the previous

Ganapathi also has written a fairly thorough overview of portable code
generation techniques:

        "Retargetable Compiler Code Generation", Mahadevan Ganapathi, Charles N.
        N. Fischer and John L. Hennessy, ACM Computing Surveys 14, December 1982.

--Darryl Richman, INTERACTIVE Systems Corp.
The views expressed above are my opinions only.


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