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3 Jan 86 19:12:00 GMT

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Welcome to mod.compilers johnl@ima.UUCP (1986-01-03)
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From: johnl@ima.UUCP
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Date: 3 Jan 86 19:12:00 GMT
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Posted: Fri Jan 3 14:12:00 1986
Date-Received: 4 Jan 86 15:13:58 GMT
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Nf-From: ima!johnl Jan 3 14:12:00 1986

Welcome, at long last, to mod.compilers. It is the follow-on to the
compilers mailing list. I will shortly post the back issues of the
mailing list, and expect to post future traffic pretty much as it

Any compiler topics are fair game, whether they refer to techniques for
compiling old or new languages, comments on available compilers, questions
or mild flames.

Send submissions to ima!compilers, meta-submissions to ima!compilers-request.
Ima is a well-connected system that speaks uucp to ihnp4, decvax, cbosgd,
bbncca, cca, harvard, yale, princeton, allegra, and many others.

Unless there is a loud protest, the mailing list is hereby discontinued,
since news groups usually get the word out better and often faster.

John Levine, ima!johnl

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