Seed7 Release 2015-04-05
Sun, 5 Apr 2015 04:04:07 -0700 (PDT)

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Seed7 Release 2015-04-05 (2015-04-05)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2015 04:04:07 -0700 (PDT)
Organization: Compilers Central
Injection-Date: Sun, 05 Apr 2015 11:04:07 +0000
Keywords: available, OOP
Posted-Date: 05 Apr 2015 11:40:36 EDT


I have released a new version of Seed7: seed7_05_20150405.tgz In the
Seed7 programming language new statements and operators can be
declared easily. Types are first class objects and therefore
templates/generics need no special syntax. Object orientation is used
when it brings advantages and not in places when other solutions are
more obvious.

Seed7 is covered by the GPL (and LGPL for the Seed7 runtime library).

- A cache for client sessions has been added to tls.s7i. This allows
    that a TLS connection can be resumed (without a new negotiation of
    the security parameters).
- The comanche webserver has been improved to keep connections open
    for 15 seconds.
- The functions compare and hashCode for the type socketAddress have
    been added to sockbase.s7i.
- A new variant of openServerTls, with a certAndKey parameter, has
    been added to tls.s7i.
- The functions validityType, createX509Cert, certAndKey and
    selfSignedX509Cert have been added to x509cert.s7i.
- The constant stdRsaKeyPair has been added to pkcs1.s7i.
- The functions localAddress, peerAddress and ord have been added to
- In duration.s7i the functions YEARS, MONTHS, DAYS, HOURS, MINUTES,
    SECONDS and MICRO_SECONDS have been improved to normalize the
    duration value.
- The functions sendGet (gethttp.s7i) and sendHttpResponse
    (comanche.sd7) have been change to send the request/response with
    one write statement.
- The library tls.s7i has been improved to accept client-hello and
    server-hello messages with extensions.
- The functions openTlsSocket and openServerTls (in tls.s7i) have
    been improved to avoid exceptions, when an alert message is
    received or a socket is closed.
- In tls.s7i the function write has been changed to send long strings
    with several messages.
- Tests for the operators parse and radix and for the function
    bigInteger have been added to chkbig.sd7.
- The functions openHttpSession, closeHttpSession, processHttpRequest
    and cleanSessions have been added to comanche.sd7.
- Trace output and verbose exceptions have been added to various
    functions in big_rtl.c, soc_rtl.c, int_rtl.c and str_rtl.c.
- The functions striAsUnquotedCStri and bstriAsUnquotedCStri have
    been added to striutl.c.
- In traceutl.c the functions prot_stri_unquoted and prot_bstri have
    been changed to use striAsUnquotedCStri and bstriAsUnquotedCStri
- Interpreter and compiler have been improved to support the actions
    been renamed to SOC_GET_LOCAL_ADDR).

Thomas Mertes

Seed7 Homepage:
Seed7 - The extensible programming language: User defined statements
and operators, abstract data types, templates without special
syntax, OO with interfaces and multiple dispatch, statically typed,
interpreted or compiled, portable, runs under linux/unix/windows.

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