ETH Zurich technical reports now online

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Sat, 21 Jul 2007 15:24:08 GMT

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ETH Zurich technical reports now online (Derek M. Jones) (2007-07-21)
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From: "Derek M. Jones" <>
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Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007 15:24:08 GMT
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Posted-Date: 21 Jul 2007 15:03:59 EDT


ETH Zurich have now made most of their Technical Reports available for
download as PDF files.

The following should give people some idea of the quality:

001. The Programming Language Pascal - N.Wirth (Nov 1970; 2nd Edition
July 1971)

005. The Programming Language Pascal (Revised Report) - N. Wirth (Jul

006. An Axiomatic Definition of the Programming Language Pascal -
C.A.R. Hoare and N. Wirth (Nov 1972)

010. The PASCAL <P> Compiler: Implementation Notes - K.V. Nori,
U.Ammann, K.Jensen, H.H.Nageli (Dec 1974)

012. PASCAL-S: A Subset and its Implementation - N. Wirth. (Nov 1975)

013. On Code Generation in a PASCAL Compiler - U. Ammann. (Nov 1977)

025. Error Recovery in Recursive Descent Parsers. Run-time Storage

027. Modula-2

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