Re: Seeking cheaper alternative to Visual Parse++

Detlef Meyer-Eltz <>
27 Mar 2007 09:29:20 -0400

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From: Detlef Meyer-Eltz <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 27 Mar 2007 09:29:20 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
References: 07-03-071 07-03-077
Keywords: parse, tools
Posted-Date: 27 Mar 2007 09:29:20 EDT

> does anyone know of a cheaper alternative to Visual Parse++ ?

There is a free version of a parser generater IDE at

With TextTransformer you can create LL(1) parsers with LL(*) look
ahead for conflict resolution. You can execute generated parsers in
the integrated debugger step by step, set breakpoints as well in the
input as in the syntax tree, and so on. For more details see

> Similarly, any nice freeware for testing out regular expressions?

the integrated Regex-Dialog is free too. With this dialog you can test
whether an expression matches a string and which sub-expression
matches which part of the string. TextTransformer uses POSIX regular
expressions, because these expressions - in contrast to Perl
expressions - prefer the longest match. This is a clear criterion when
the parser has to decide between alternative tokens.

The TextTransformer can't produce only parsers but is used like a
scripting language (subset of c++) specialized in text processing. In
the free version of TextTransformer the use of this interpreter is
restricted. The standard version of TextTransformer costs 98 $.

Only the professional version of TextTransformer produces parsers as
c++ source code. The price for this version still is below of your

> The problems which are discussed here with VP

don't have to be expected with TextTransformer. Even, if I vanish on
Hawaii one day, TextTransformer can be used as stand-alone
application: the the standard version is not bound to a special PC.
All projects can be executed with the command-line tool without
license. The supporting source code for generated parsers is complete.
There is no additional protected component needed, to run the parser.
In the greatest emergency these parsers even could be extended by

It's a pity, that so several web-sites for compiler resources still
list VP and aren't reachable or don't react on my mails to include

I just released TextTransformer 1.3.1.


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